What is your Brand Personality?


A brand personality is the way your brand speaks and behaves in terms of human characteristics.
So what is yours?


If you can’t answer that question right now. Yes, right now! Stop what you are doing and go to http://lida360.com/reputation360book.html and buy Lida Citroen’s book… it gives you step-by-step instructions to build your personal brand NOW. In some cases, your brand may be YOU. Or, it’s your company’s innards, assigning human traits (characteristics, beliefs, values, etc.) to your brand name. Why should you care? Because your clients and your potential clients care. It’s a big part of why they do business with you versus your competition who provides the same exact service.

If you’re still reading this, I’m guessing you can easily define your brand personality.

Let me tell you about ours at Your Social Source~~~

We are funny. Hilarious actually. We make our clients laugh. We provide a space for them to let their hair down and show their true colors. Because guess what, that’s what their clients/potential clients want to experience too!

We are authentic and transparent. For real.
If we were a language, we would be Anglofrancospagnoltalian (that’s multi-lingual) because we believe in the value of communicating directly to the target market in the right voice, demanding adaptation like a chameleon.

We are purple because we are majestic and royal in the value we provide our clients and outgoing and bubbly in our communication.

If we were a car, we’d be the hippest, most gas efficient, brightest, pimpest car on the road. With one of those    dancing balloons attached to the roof.


If we were an animal, we’d be a mole, digging around and investigating new tunnels, then popping our heads up to deliver new findings to our clients, running around to see what’s going on up top, and then go back to analyzing the complex tunnels and their changing directions (that’s a metaphor for the Internet ;-) Don’t forget the complex mole communities we’d build for all of our friends and clients!

Imagine a young, talented skier (or snowboarder if you prefer) doing hellis off of jumps and 360s in the half pipe, wearing the perfect outfit matching with the skis… utterly cool… yep, that’s us!

If we were a song, we’d be an uplifting hip hop/dance number, something you could shake your money maker to!

When it comes down to business, we put on our suits and give it some elbow grease. We work hard for our clients and we produce results, and help them succeed.

Some of our other personality traits – we embrace change – in the online realm it is an every day reality; we are extraordinarily creative; we believe in open-mindedness and tolerance; we’re positive and upbeat, engaging and participatory, trusting and sincere.  Adventure is our middle name.

Our brand story? We recognized years ago that small businesses deserved marketing solutions they could afford and that provided them with constant prospects and business. We set out to develop ourselves as experts in every niche of modern marketing and now we have the right professionals with specific knowledge all in one place, working together to provide your company with the marketing tools and solutions you need at the prices you can afford to pay. And we’re darn good too!

Here’s another great resource http://visual-branding.com/eight-outlines/creating-a-brand-personality/ to explain brand identity and personality (and distinguishing between the two).

What’s your brand personality? Share it with us! C’mon, get creative!

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