Personal Branding Traits – What Sets You Apart?

I had a personal branding expert whom I highly respect tell me yesterday that a key trait of my personal brand is that I pride myself on generating social capital – promoting others and being helpful to others, in person and on the web. I rave about others and promote them at least twice as much as I talk about myself and my company. I make it a point when I’m at networking events to connect the people whom I think would be power partners and would help each other out. I connect people on LinkedIn and Facebook all the time.  I pride myself on being a connector.

One of my good friends who owns a custom embroidery & screen printing shop in Denver said one of the key elements to his personal brand is class. He has front row tickets to the performing arts center, tickets on the ice at Avs games, seats just off the floor at Nuggets games… the point is, whenever he gives his tickets to a potential client or a referral partner, they know without a doubt, that the seats are going to be killer!

We all have things that we do which set us apart from others, especially those of us who are entrepreneurs. We don’t have millions of dollars to spend on PR and marketing, and yet we need to formulate a positive and deliberate impression of ourselves in the eyes of our target market at all times. That means identifying our distinguishing traits and authentically flaunting them. Guess what that does for us?? It helps us attract the right kind of clients who really want to work with us! And then they become our biggest raving fans!

What’s a personal branding trait of yours??!

4 Responses to Personal Branding Traits – What Sets You Apart?

  • I enjoyed your post Meghan. Connecting people to others and to resources has to be one of the true highs a networker can have. Not only is it great for the others involved, it has it’s payback in friendships/business relationships. Though it comes natural for you and I, the act of connecting is a great network entry action for those who might start out a bit shy.

  • Love these! Thanks Meghann

  • Lexi Steele says:

    Hmmm…. a personal branding trait of mine is that I’m not afraid to give my clients hugs. Everybody deserves a hug from their local web designer, right? Great post!

  • Gene Munson says:

    I enjoy illustrating my passion with the language I use. The words we speak can have either positive or negative impacts based on the context of their delivery. I want others to hear the dancing in my soul when I speak about my passion. Articulation of a visual image can present that clear message to everyone and the energy illustrated.

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