About Meghann

Meghann Conter, the Mistress of Social Media™

I coach female industry leaders and their teams to transform their marketing and catapult their business into the spotlight with profitability and fun! I inspire my clients to keep the passion of their business alive and reminding them that leadership and innovation can be fun!

Through cross-media branding, contemporary marketing strategies, and consulting in the latest and greatest social technologies, I bring leaders into the spotlight.


When Meghann was a little girl, she either wanted to be a marine biologist or a marketing professional. Considering she was born and raised in Colorado, Meghann’s mother and father explained to her the difficulty of swimming with whales when she live in a land-locked state. Because of her propensity to stay in Colorado, and her absolute disgust with eels, Meghann chose the option where she could use her incredible creativity and people skills that would put a manatee to shame.

A Colorado leader in social media and cross-media branding, Meghann has been employing a myriad of social technologies since 2005 (in the days of Myspace and Friendster) to today’s world of Pinterest and Facebook, she is always on the leading edge of social media strategies and platforms. Possessing a strong marketing background from her education at CU and her time spent in corporate America, her formidable training and leadership skills and an ease and talent in communication, Meghann has found her passion in social media marketing.

Since starting her own business in 2008, she has helped over 300 business owners conquer their fears of social media, learn the tools that work for their company, develop strong systems so that they can be successful on the social web, AND have fun while doing it! Through dynamic seminars, workshops, and 1:1 training, Meghann helps leaders be successful in their social media marketing.

Her clients are those whose businesses are their life’s passions and require a tailored plan and training based on their leadership team and staff that allows them to integrate social technologies with and expand their current marketing strategy as it fits within their business culture. She established a formula that allows these leaders to market their business using contemporary methods and follow a systematic cross-media branding and marketing strategy that helps them be time-efficient and profitable. Establishing policies accordingly and training for effective implementation to expand brand recognition and increase sales is Meghann’s forte.

Meghann encourages her clients and her team to lead a well-balanced life and places equal importance on an integrated lifestyle. Personal growth and development, mentoring and coaching, volunteering, and health and wellness are some of Meghann’s values. Her favorite time of year is summertime when she enjoys hiking Colorado’s 14ers, mountain biking and dining al fresca. The rest of the year, you can find her networking in her community, working out at bootcamp, enjoying various forms of recreation in the mountains and savoring travel for business and pleasure.Headshot 2012

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